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By using the language of architecture, investigating its boundaries, and the language of the different materials, Resonance plays with the distinction between imagination and body and the built environment. Using architecture as a foil or as a vehicle to compose works visually and acoustically that activates space and our experience of that space.

"Soprano Panorama is literally a highlight of the Oranjewoud Festival" NRC newspaper

Works in the Resonance-series are made out of things people are familiar with: wood, metal, glass, perspex. People can identify with these materials making the works somewhat unspectacular with regards to the material. At the same time though, the works are spectacular with regards to the way these materials transmit sound and how these sounds are composed spatially.

**** 4 stars

“heavenly songs in an outdoor cathedral”

De Volkskrant NL on Your Trembling Mile in ‘s Hertogenbosch NL


Amor (soundwork), church of Arbas, Midi-Pyrénées France

Quiver (sound work), International Computer Music Conference, Shanghai China

Resonance Am Eisernen Tor (performative soundwork), Graz Austria

S&VR are commissioned to present work at festivals,
in concert halls and museums and in the landscape all over the world.

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