Architecture plays a very important role in our daily lives. We spend most of our time in humanly constructed environments. This means when we are relating to the world, we are primarily relating with a built environment. This must have a very profound effect on our imagination.

With Resonance we focus on this dialectic between body and structure, between body and architecture, between emotion and sound, between sound and architecture, between acoustics and architecture, between emotion and geometry.

Here is an impression of ‘Your Trembling Mile’ we’ve realised in collaboration with MTD Landscape Architects from ‘s Hertogenbosch. They are the designers of the city wall zone and the garden of the Museum Quarter. Their knowledge of architecture and space completes the thrill of Your Trembling Mile. The street as a score, the outdoor space as relaxation, and a sound walk to which the memory can resonate for a long time.

Our soundtrack and walkscape ‘Your Trembling Mile’ takes you past parks, buildings and other public spaces that we literally cover with sounds. The diverse shapes of the sound installations – from long throw speakers to perspex panels – guarantee a variety of different experiences crafted onto the specific urban environments.

“heavenly songs in an outdoor cathedral”

**** De Volkskrant

By using the language of architecture, searching its boundaries, and the language of the different materials, Resonance investigates the distinction between imagination and body and architecture. Using architecture as a foil or as a vehicle to compose works visually and acoustically that activates space and our experience of that space.

Works in the Resonance-series are made out of things people are familiar with: wood, metal, glass, perspex. People can identify with these materials making the works somewhat unspectacular with regards to the material. At the same time though, the works are spectacular with regards to the way these materials transmit sound and how these sounds are composed spatially.

S&VR are commissioned to present work at festivals,
in concert halls and museums and in the landscape all over the world.

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