Skin, Tilburg, The Netherlands

3 Sep 2011 - 3 Apr 2012

SKIN is an associative dance experience that gets under the SKIN. The audience sits in a circle. Against their backs they feel a thin screen, transparent, but with occassional exposed slats like a bare wall in a part of the city that has yet to be renovated. The dance happens all around them, in front, in between and behind them.

Choreographer Pia Meuthen was inspired by big cities where people live close together yet are able to immerse themselves in anonymity. But what if we zoom in on this structured chaos? On all those individuals who try to shape the world in their heads to match real life? And who knows what real life actually is?

The dancers Andrea Beugger, Aurélie Camil, Lucius Romeo Fromm en Miguel Fiol Durán portray four singles looking for contact, longing for a meeting with the other, longing to touch, skin on SKIN. City sounds, tatters of text, voices and dancing bodies come together in SKIN forming a contemporary, palpable and sometimes sensual sketch of public and private life. SKIN is compelling, accessible and, above all, recognizable.

SKIN, Pia Meuthen's third full evening work in collaboration with Danshuis Station Zuid, has been made possible thanks to an international co-operation between Tilburg, Düsseldorf (Tanzhuis nrw) and London (The Place).