Signal – dall’altra parte

Signal - dall’altra parte , Modena, Italy
30 t/m 30 October 2022
For Periferico Festival in Modena (Italy) we transform our landscape opera ‘Signal’ into the city streets of Modena. The city is quite literally cut in half by a railway line. On the one side the old city - beautiful architechture and monumental squares. On the other side the perifico, suburban Modena. Where is the “other” side? ‘Qual é l’altra parte?’ And why does this feel like another place, even though it’s in the same city?

Signal takes the audience on a specific route, crossing the railway line using the bridge and tunnel that have transformed movement between the two sides over the years. Before that time, you had to make a lengthy detour to cross the train track. On your way you will find long-throw speakers and resonating perspex panels that will immerse the urban landscape in sounds and music. The devices get support from live sopranos in a constant dialogue with the surrounding sounds.
‘Signal’ asks questions about our relationship with the world around us. Pressing questions about the way we view our surroundings, even if -or maybe because- we experience this on a daily basis.
This performance of ‘Signal’ was created in situ in collaboration with artist Rita Hoofwijk.

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Frozen Music, Bureau Europa, Maastricht The Netherlands

Music and architecture speak the same language of rhythm, contrast, proportion, dynamics and harmony. Music also has its own architecture: from the design of instruments to the aesthetics of the notation itself. In the Frozen Music exhibition, the design of space and sound is explored with interactive installations, art, film and music, architectural drawings and models.

15 t/m 15 December 2022

International Arts Channel

Artist Portrait, Cinecitta cinema, Tilburg The Netherlands

The Internationals Art Channel Foundation invites you to attend the premiere evening of the first series of three short artist portraits. These video portraits were made by Jan Doms (editor) and Tom Pijnenburg (camera and montage). Host Jan Zobel, dancer and choreographer, introduces the new Internationals Art Channel and the three short films about Strijbos & Van Rijswijk, Chikako Watanabe and Marjolein Landman.

18 November 2022 t/m 15 January 2023

The Man Who Fell From The Sky

The Man Who Fell From The Sky, Den Bosch The Netherlands

Our new co-production with Panama Pictures production, 'The Man who fell from the sky', captures a collective sense of directionlessness and dislocation. The performers look like they have been washed ashore. High in the air they hang from the branches of an uprooted tree, balancing on moving platforms. Is this the aftermath of a disaster? The harbinger of a great change?