University without Borders

University without Borders, Graz, Austria

7 Jun 2024

A site-specific monumental sound project - using the human voice - to ‘activate’ the entire university campus, making current and future developments audible and tangible for the visitors.

S&VR: “The human voice, like no other musical instrument, is capable of immediately entrancing people, making connections. The singing voice can manifest as a powerful surrogate for catalysis and reflection. Singing voices, and their adaptations with electronic and digital tools, determine our sound to a large extent.“

“We work for tomorrow” – this motto guides the students and researchers of the University of Graz: they engage deeply with questions of the future and take responsibility for the entire region in the south of Austria. With 30,000 students and 4,700 staff members, they significantly contribute to the vibrant life of the Styrian capital.

University without Borders will be a new follow up on the city opera Signal in Graz, performed in 2020.

Sopranos: Mijke Sekhuis, Michaela Riener, Austrian trainees