Signal at Latitude

Signal at Latitude, Latitude Festival , UK
21 t/m 24 July 2022
Strijbos & Van Rijswijk have created Latitude’s very own green cathedral of tranquility. Step out of the busy buzzing crowds to the calming contemplative place that is Signal. Using long throw speakers, unique resonating panels and live voice Strijbos and Van Rijswijk transform the forest.

‘Signal at Latitude’ will immerse you in sound that you can control with your own interactions with this installation. Your movements control what you hear; the soundscape changes what you feel; the sounds will stimulate your senses to see your surroundings differently.

You can experience Strijbos & Van Rijswijk’s installation Signal at Latitude continuously during the festival. Twice each day four sopranos will perform live, interacting with the invisible choir of our green cathedral. These performances are made in situ in collaboration with artist Rita Hoofwijk.

concept & composition: Strijbos & Van Rijswijk
choreography on site: Rita Hoofwijk
sopranos: Mijke Sekhuis (NL), Isabelle Storms (BE), Sarah Gabriel (UK), Sarah Dacey (UK)

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18 t/m 21 August 2022

Signal in Kaunas

Signal in Kaunas, Kaunas Lagoon Region Park Lithaunia

Kaunas in Lithaunia is Cultural Capital in 2022. In August we perform our landscape opera Signal the last weekend of 3 weeks ConTempo festival in the city heart, inviting people to go out in the rural countryside and experience this work.