Signpost at Haanwijk

Signpost at Haanwijk, estate Haanwijk, The Netherlands

1 Feb 2024 - 31 Aug 2025

Multichannel video & music installation

During the Boulevard festival in 2019, visitors experienced how the Haanwijk estate was translated into sounds during our performance ‘Signal at Haanwijk’. With care and empathy, sopranos scanned forest and pasture.

Nowadays this estate will be renewed and protected against the rise of the water in river De Dommel. New and higher dikes will keep this estate from ‘drowning’ due to the climate change. We will communicate this transformation into image and sound through our long term project Signpost, and connect it to other area’s worldwide that suffer from the mundial changes in climate. A collaboration with director Robin de Puy and cameraman Maarten van Rossem.

Festival Boulevard: “Sound artists Strijbos & Van Rijswijk painted with sounds. They created a musical landscape in a refined way in which stillness, tranquillity and space got their place. The elements of nature reflected the message: have respect, listen carefully, be quiet, hear yourself.”


landscape opera ‘Signal at Haanwijk’ :