Fortress Walk

Fortress Walk, Belgrade, Serbia


The walkscape Fortress Walk is situated in the Kalamegdan Park in Belgrade, Serbia. It contains the music composed for the contemporary dance performance A Mood For a Deep Longing, inspired by traditional Eastern European music. Experience the city while you unravel it’s rootsmusic by walking.

A MOOD FOR DEEP LONGING takes a critical look at the implications of undoubted choices and a resounding 'yes'. Promises and threats come together in a dance theatre performance full of live chanting, fierce dance and wistful traditional Eastern European music. With four energetic dancers and live vocals by Iris (Iritchka) Ficker, the Serbian - Dutch choreographer Jelena Kostić (1976) takes you on an odyssey through the human mind. Sometimes playful , sometimes meaningful , but always original and with a radical physicality.