Acoustic Horizon

Acoustic Horizon, Tilburg, Netherlands
16 t/m 28 September 2023

From the 16th to the 28th of September, all visitors of the LocHal were welcome to come see the ongoing research project by Strijbos & Van Rijswijk. We were working with visual artist Marc van Vliet on a new project called ‘Your Acoustic Horizon’. During this time, we have experimented with streaming live sound from the city to the location in the LocHal in Tilburg. It takes place on the StadsBalkon, a special location overviewing the train station and the city. Using generative software, the sounds are crafted into a musical composition that the audience walks through. As a visitor, you are free to move through the installation while looking out over the train tracks right in front of you. Come see for yourself during the opening hours of the LocHal!

Special thanks to the LocHal, KunstLoc, municipality Tilburg, Architectenbureau Bedaux de Brouwer, the NS, restaurant RAW en Fonds Podium Kunsten.

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