We inspire imagination through sound. Our installations and compositions transform everyday locations, objects, spaces and people.

Everywhere you go, you are surrounded by sound. In a concert situation it is taken for granted that music comes from one direction. This frontal approach reflects the division between musicians and audience, between performers and consumers.

As sound artists we propose an approach that corresponds to the way in which people usually experience their environment, in spatial sound and imagery. We devise the context and the environment in which we have the music occur, we respond in the design of visuals and sound to an existing context or environment. We do this in compositions, installations and pieces in which composition and installation are interwoven.



Jeroen Strijbos (right) and Rob van Rijswijk have been working together for over ten years. Their work has not been going unnoticed. In the last few years they made an impressive oeuvre ranging from landscape operas and walkscapes to live performances in a more ‘classical’ setting. They performed from LA to Beijing and from Tilburg to Graz. Their work is frequently performed in international festivals.

The audience is at the centre of our work. You can walk through it, sit in it, interact with it. You are a participant and you have a direct influence on the composition. Many of our pieces have an open structure. You can decide at which point in time and space you enter, and how to navigate through them.

Our open approach gives the input of creative minds from various disciplines a field to play around in. We actively seek out such collaborations. Musicians have ample space for improvisation and variation. Visual artists, choreographers, authors and urban designers can contribute to the realization of a piece, a creative process that is always in flux.

Lastly, we develop new instruments, techniques and software. We investigate and develop musical applications through which people can influence their experience of an environment and a composition. One example is the Walk With Me-app; by moving around an area, visitors control changes in the sonic overlay, and as a consequence their experience of their surroundings. You are not simply consumers anymore, but you have become a performer. We provide the components; you build the musical narrative.