We are artistic researchers. On the one hand technological research for the development of new tools and instruments to create our artworks. But also r&d on places and spaces,
their backgrounds and histories, and its use in daily life. Thanks to our innovative working method, we are a forerunner in introducing technological development in relationship to artistic practices in the performing arts.

We’ve developed a number of new musical instruments to be able to achieve our artistic concepts in the public realm. The basis of “Signal” is, for example, the so-called long-throw-speaker which has the characteristic of being able to project sound up to 200 meters away. When we combine 20 to 24 of these speakers and give each one a unique musical voice we can cover city- and landscapes with spatial sound, and lead people into it.

Another example is our app “Walk With Me” which is a specifically developed platform for composers. It contains state of the art technology in the field of realtime DSP with all kinds of interacting, GPS-based and environmental sensitive parameters for a highly personal (musical) art experience. It offers the listener the possibility to execute influence both consciously and unconsciously on the artistic end result. The visiting audience can literally influence the development of the composition.

In short: the instruments and technology are the basis for our projects and dictate the possibilities to transform an environment and tell it’s local narrative. That is why technical research and development in our organization is indispensable.