Two weeks of open research in LocHal Tilburg

“From September 16 to 28, all visitors to LocHal in Tilburg can come face to face with our ongoing research in which we collaborate with visual artist Marc van Vliet on their new project ‘Your Acoustic Horizon.’ Here, we live-stream the sounds of the city Tilburg to the location in the LocHal. Using generative software, we weave these sounds into a musical whole through which the audience can literally walk. As a visitor, you are free to move through the installation while gazing out over the city and the railway tracks right in front of you. We aim to create a moment in which you navigate the city anew through listening.”


S&VR Research Lab

Strijbos & Van Rijswijk work on their international projects from their location on Lange Nieuwstraat in Tilburg. In this place, known as the ‘Spoorzone,’ they collaborate with young creators, often music technologists, and experts, to research possible applications of new technologies in their artistic practice.

‘Your Acoustic Horizon’ is an example in which new technology is tested and further developed. In this project, research is conducted on live-streaming sound – transmitting the sound from location A to location B in real time. They also explore and develop generative software to automatically organize and manipulate these sounds, which are then brought back to musical form within the installation. The investigation of this technique on this scale has been a long-cherished desire of the artists.”

S&VR are commissioned to present work at festivals,
in concert halls and museums and in the landscape all over the world.

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