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Sound installation formed by 8 traditional speakers and 8 SoundSpots (parabola-speakers)

A typical example of contemporary music and soundart is ‘SoundSpots’ situated in a spatial environment. The immersive soundexperience the listener faces is unique and highly impressive and takes the listener out on a journey through soundscapes which not just surround him, they even intrude him.

Also from an aesthetic point of view SoundSpots is an installation you have to see. It has been developed and designed by the Dutch composers Rob van Rijswijk and Jeroen Strijbos in 2007. A SoundSpot looks like a transparent illumination equipment, but auditory it has the characteristic of beaming sound just within the radius of a square metre, seperate from the other SoundSpots. Thereby producing local sound on the spot.

The listener must position himself underneath one of the SoundSpots. On this spot he hears music coming from the traditional speakers. These sounds mingle with the music coming from the SoundSpots, consequently resulting in a polyphonic texture of timbres. The listener can influence this polyphonic result by moving through the spatial environment or by positioning himself underneath one of the other SoundSpots.

S&VR are commissioned to present work at festivals,
in concert halls and museums and in the landscape all over the world.

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