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In September 2019, the southern French village of Arbas was the centre of a number of landscape projects by four Dutch artistic teams. Oerol’s artistic director Kees Lesuis has been invited as guest curator within the framework of the programme section: ‘Programmer un Programmateur’ of festival Pronomade(s) in Haute Garonne. We were one of the selected artists by Kees Lesuis who had previously produced special work on Terschelling that connects landscape and art.


The natural environment of the village of Arbas, with its mountains and valleys, will be the unique backdrop for the performances and projects that each in their own way invite you to walk, think and (re)discover the landscape. We have adapted ‘Signal’ into a new installation and performance in the hills around Arbas. A landscape opera with live vocals, in constant dialogue with the surrounding nature. There was also a continuous sound installation in the church of Arbas to visit, titled ‘Amor á Arbas’.


The menu also included projects by Third Space Society/ Lotte van den Berg, Theun Mosk and Marc van Vliet. Since 2001, artistic interventions have taken place during this unique festival for location arts in the French Pyrenees. Oerol and Pronomade(s) have already collaborated in the framework of the European platform for Art in Public Space, IN SITU.

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