360˚ / Seascapes: the many guises of the sea

This soundwork, or ‘expanded sound cinema’, presents ever-shifting perspectives on the sea. A force beyond measure that can break and kill, that exceeds human proportions by far; but there’s also the soothing effect of waves in permanent motion. The extraordinary impact of 360º/Seascapes is based on the evocative combination of visuals and sound.

Visual artist Rob Moonen made the video for the first installation in the series, Seascapes. It is a topic that has fascinated Moonen for quite some time now: on his travels he films and takes pictures of the sea. This acts as a counterpart to his regular work, which pivots around a concern for people. In these seascapes he turns his back on society and focuses on an environment that eludes human interference.

The images suggest that you hear rolling waves, whereas the sound is actually electronically composed and processed white noise. On the other hand the sounds directs how you experience the imagery. They fill you with calm and tranquility, but also with apprehension and discomfort. This effect is enhanced by the fact that the installation surrounds you like a landscape. What you see and hear moves around the space. You feel the urge to turn around, alert to what might happen around you.
Video & images are taken from exhibitons at Goretti – now PARK, Tilburg NL – and Hilvaria Studio’s Hilvarenbeek NL.

S&VR are commissioned to present work at festivals,
in concert halls and museums and in the landscape all over the world.

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