VOX, ICMC Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

4 Aug 2011 - 1 Jun 2012

Concert for 2 sopranos, architectural acoustics & live-electronica.

Am I hearing this right? Voices take control of space, while creeping up along floors, walls and ceiling. In ‘Vox’, sound artists Rob van Rijswijk and Jeroen Strijbos unleash a true vocal pandemonium.

In VOX, trained singers use the acoustics of a church space. Electronic sounds and effects bring out essential nuances and result in a tension filled with sounds. At one point, the music is coming from all sides. From that moment on, you are the center of the spatially constructed composition. Vox is a composition of Rob van Rijswijk and Jeroen Strijibos. In cooperation with Muzieklab Brabant, Van Rijswijk and Strijbos executed the project Air Sensible (accordion and live electronics).

Internationally renowned, the duo enjoys diverse sound installations including SoundsSpots. Vox is especially composed to be performed in churches. With the integration of local soundscapes, every performance is a unique, sometimes religious experience.


visual content & videotechnology and mapping: Hans Timmermans

sopranos: Bauwien van der Meer, Els Mondelaers