The Walk of Earthly Delights

The Walk of Earthly Delights , 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
7 t/m 2021
In a sincere salute to one of 's-Hertogenbosch's most renowned citizens, The Walk of Earthly Delights divides the inner map along the lines of the famous Garden triptych of the same name by painter Hieronymus Bosch (1450 – 1516). A sonic spectrum unfolds while you cross the town square, pass by St John's and St. James's and navigate through medieval streets and alleys to discover the city you never heard: solemn lithurgical beauty and gentle harmony, tempting melodics and profane joy, aggravating dissonants, absurdity and a lost voice of lamant. Read all about this project
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4 t/m 5 September 2021

Signal in Forum Lulii

Signal in Forum Lulii, Cividale del Friuli Italy

During Mittelfest 2021 we will immerse the ancient town of Cividale del Friuli, Forum Lulii during Roman times, in sounds.

26 t/m 29 August 2021

Another Green World

Another Green World, Landgoed De Wielewaal The Netherlands

In collaboration with STRP and Unusual Suspects we present a one of kind sound walk through the beautiful estate De Wielewaal, together with artists James Zoo, Bram Stadhouders, Amy Root, Konduku and Mathilde Nobel.

20 t/m 22 August 2021

Soprano Panorama

Soprano Panorama, Festival Oranjewoud The Netherlands

From 20 till 22 Augustus 2021 we will participate in a special edition from Oranjewoud Festival.

15 t/m 25 July 2021


Signal-on-sea, Irvine Beach Park Scotland

Cryptic connects land and sea with sound in Signal-on-sea, a captivating, boundary-crossing coastal installation set against the transitioning sunset sky.