Signal-on-Sea, Oerol Terschelling, The Netherlands

15 Jun 2018 - 24 Jun 2018

Large scale installation with 24 long-throw speakers.

In 2017 the installation Signal-on-Sea premiered at the Oerol festival in the Netherlands. The visitors wrote lyrical reactions, described the new experience they had been offered of this area as enchanting. In spite of its large scope this installation had struck many as intimate. In their experience of it they had felt united with those around them. This extensive environmental project was the largest presented in the festival so far. It proved to be a success as well. Signal-on-Sea drew 8700 visitors. Many of them found the installation the highlight of Oerol. In the 2018 edition Signal-on-Sea is reprised, with an extra live performance around sundown, Signal at Dusk.

Signal-on-Sea marks new steps we take in developing alternative ways to present and experience music. We’ve conceived spatial setups in earlier installations and compositions, in which we invite to move around a space or the the area the work is placed in.

Signal-on-Sea provides opportunities to experience a landscape in a new light by overlaying it with sounds and music that are rooted in it, but remove themselves from it at the same time. Wandering around the beach people find themselves captivated by a work that plays out on the boundary between water and land, in the transition from light to dark. Music, texts and surroundings evoke imagery that makes the environment appear fresh, as if one is taking it in for the first time.

Conceived and realized for a beach on the island of Terschelling Signal-on-Sea can be adapted to fit any environment.