Signal-on-Sea, Great Yarmouth, United Kingdom

20 May 2022 - 29 May 2022

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Great Yarmouth beach was transformed with sound. S&VR’s bespoke digital technology and twenty long throw speakers create a unique audio experience enabling visitors to the installation to experience the vast seascape afresh and in their own way.

Using 20 long-throw speakers spread over 1000 metres, Signal-on-Sea connected land and sea with music by interweaving singing with an enchanting soundscape beamed across the beach and overlooking the North Sea.

“I felt hopeful, surprised, enriched. My favourite part was the filmic quality of the music in the context of people going about their everyday lives on the beach.” Visitor at Irvine Beach

“This was amazing to see last night at sunset! Beach was buzzing with people. Dolphins were in the bay and the soundtrack was playing. It was surreal! Well done – fantastic addition to the beach.” Visitor at Irvine Beach

The installation was presented on 20–23 May & 24–29 May 2022.
Once experienced, never forgotten…