Signal bij de Rotte

Signal bij de Rotte, Prinsenmolenpark, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
25 t/m 27 September 2020

landscape opera

Signal at the Rotte – Operadagen Rotterdam
Bergse Plassen / Prinsenmolen
04:30 – 00:00

The fifteenth edition of Operadagen Rotterdam was held from 21 to 30 May 2020. During the internationally acclaimed opera festival, (new) makers and audiences went on an adventure with new forms of opera. The festival took place in Theater Rotterdam, Nieuwe Luxor and De Doelen, and at unexpected locations in the city.

One of the highlights was “Signaal bij de Rotte” of Strijbos & Van Rijswijk: a fascinating sound translation of the landscape and the surrounding waters, in which the environment and the public were central. During this landscape opera, the audience walked along the Rotte in Prinsenmolenpark: a narrow green strip and a unique urban nature reserve close to Rotte in Hillegersberg. Voices meandered over the Rotten land and water. Every spectator experienced his or her own story and was given a stage.

The Landscape Opera “Signaal bij de Rotte” was part of 750 years of the dam in the Rotte.

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