Signal at Dusk

Oerol, Terschelling, Netherlands
15 t/m 24 June 2019
The installation 'Signal-on-Sea' formed the setting for the large-scale concert 'Signal at Dusk' by 4 sopranos, an elusive choir and desolate fog horns that sang the sea at 1 kilometer of beach.

The setting of the opera Signal at Dusk was a beach, the stretch of sand that separates sea and mainland. Roaming the beach women’s voices sang about the waves, as sources of seduction, of desire, of nourishment, of danger, destruction, loss. This opera was composed upon the sound art piece Signal-on-Sea, a spatial work that the audience can roam around in, spanning a kilometer long stretch of beach. Surrounded by an incorporeal choir, emanating from 24 loudspeakers, the voices moved over the sand with desolate tones from foghorns acting as reference points. Fragments of texts, of poems about the sea lured the audience along a kilometer long stretch of beach as darkness fell. Signal at Dusk connected land and sea in sound, making them merge in the perception of the visitors, but also allowing their sonic manifestations to be scattered on the wind.

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