Portraits and Short Stories

Portraits and Short Stories, tour Netherlands, The Netherlands
12 t/m 12 February 2016
Six men aged between 20 and 60 allow us an intimate glimpse into their mutual relationships. In different episodes, Portraits and short stories portrays the bond between father and son, growing up, growing apart and becoming older. It is a coming-of-age story where youthful bravado alternates with moments of vulnerability. On rope, Chinese pole and the trampoline, the men brave the pull of gravity. Dance flows seamlessly with acrobatic mastery. Choreographer Pia Meuthen weaves dance and circus into a poignant visual story. The performance is supported by a cast of dancers and acrobats. Three generations searching for what family ties and getting older mean to them.


Choreography: Pia Meuthen
Dance and acrobatics: Francesco Barba, Eddy Becquart, Kim-Jomi Fischer, Fynn Neb, Fabian Krestel, Ruben Mardulier
Music composition: Jeroen Strijbos & Rob van Rijswijk
Costume design: Sanne Reichert
Light design: Edwin van Steenbergen
Dramaturgy: Angelique Willkie
Choreographic assistance and training: Miquel de Jong Read all about this project
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25 t/m 27 September 2020

Signal bij de Rotte

Signal bij de Rotte, Prinsenmolenpark, Rotterdam The Netherlands

During this landscape opera, the audience walks along the Rotte in Prinsenmolenpark: a narrow green strip and a unique urban nature reserve close to Rotte in Hillegersberg.

17 t/m 20 September 2020

Signal at Dusk

Signal at Dusk, Irvine Beach Park Scotland

Cryptic connect land and sea with sound in Signal at Dusk, a captivating, boundary-crossing coastal opera set against the transitioning sunset sky by Dutch duo Strijbos & Van Rijswijk.

6 August 2020 t/m 5 September 2020

Your Trembling Mile

Festival Boulevard, 's Hertogenbosch NL

This summer we will guide the audience through sound installations in the city of 'S Hertogenbosch NL during Festival Boulevard. Our soundtrack and walkscape 'Your Trembling Mile' takes you past parks, buildings and other public spaces that we literally cover with sounds.

26 t/m 30 July 2020

Signal in Graz

La Strada, Graz Austria

Based on our landscape opera Signal and in preparation for a large-scale project together with La Strada Graz and the Festival of Regions in Upper Austria next year, we are developing a sound art work especially for our city in this time of challenges due to corona.