Panorama Ysselsteyn

Panorama Ysselsteyn, Ysselsteyn, Netherlands
13 t/m 29 October 2023
Panorama Ysselsteyn: Where Sound Awakens Reflection on War’s Echoes
The only German military cemetery in the Netherlands becomes a canvas for reflection and remembrance. Rows of white-lettered crosses, each representing a life lost, stretch as far as the eye can see.
At Panorama Ysselsteyn, we introduce a captivating sound experience that transcends the ordinary. By enveloping the landscape in sound, you will be transported into a different realm, allowing you to pause, reflect, and question our shared history.
This is not just an installation; it’s an invitation. An invitation to contemplate, to reinterpret through sound our connection with the past, and most importantly, to envision the future.
Installation runs from now until 29 October.
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