Nude, tour Netherlands, The Netherlands

1 Oct 2009 - 1 Aug 2010

Composition for choreography.

Through dance, text and live music, Nude unravels the thought processes of a woman who loses herself in the extremes of her fantasy as she tries to take control of her life.

Nude portrays a couple who are at the point of moving to the country together. He wants to continue to the following chapter of their life but she decides to make that impossible. She doesn't want to be part of his story. She doesn't want to fill in their future, doesn't want to accept that their relationship will wear out and become predictable. She stops time and literally steps out of the story.

Nude grips you by the throat. Sometimes terrifying, sometimes estranged but also accessible and funny. A compelling dance theatre performance inspired by the novel Tussen een persoon (Between One Person) by Esther Gerritsen where Pia Meuthen once again explores the borders of dance. Two musicians accompany the performance with live piano, percussion and soundscapes.