Marseille un Paradox

Marseille un Paradox, Marseille, France
25 t/m 25 September 2015
A seamless musical promenade
Création 2014
25-27 September, starting point Cité des arts de la rue

A collaboration with French filmdirector Philippe Carrèse (Plus Belle La Vie) and Sylvie & Gil Paz

Walk With Me is a soundmap, a walk that invites the public to compose their own sonic walkscape. In each city, Jeroen Strijbos & Rob Van Rijswijk add narration to an area of the city. Voice and music combine, fiction blends into reality, and perceptions of the city start to change. As you walk between various places indicated on a virtual map on your iPhone or tablet, the soundtrack changes. The Walk With Me application presents a collection of walks in various cities including Berlin, Istanbul, Montreal, Paris, Glasgow and Belgrade. The Marseille version produced for Travellings will be a trail all around the Street Arts Centre and the Aygalades district where it is located.


Concept and sound design : Jeroen Strijbos et Rob Van Rijswijk with help of de Philippe Carrese.
Voices : Mme Capanna, Mme Russo, Mme Araar, M. Gaggini, M. Tripet, M. Daletti, M. Pérès (residents from Aygalades district) ; de Mohamed Arabi, Nicole Cambolive et Patrick Lhuillier (13 Habitat). Read all about this project
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15 t/m 25 July 2021


Signal-on-sea, Irvine Beach Park Scotland

Cryptic connects land and sea with sound in Signal-on-sea, a captivating, boundary-crossing coastal installation set against the transitioning sunset sky.

19 t/m 20 June 2021

Signal am Dachstein

Signal am Dachstein, Dachstein glacier Austria

Today nature has become fragile, the glaciers are disappearing. With our landscape opera we ask awareness at the Dachstein glacier in Austria for the consequences of the climate change. Accessible for audience on site!