Inauguration King Willem-Alexander

Inauguration King Willem-Alexander, ,
12 t/m 2022
Inauguration-concert with Brabants Jazz Orchestra.

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands paid a first official visit to the southern province of North Brabant on 12 June 2013, less than three months after they were crowned. The visit ended with a grand finale in ’s-Hertogenbosch. MESSO, with Artishock events, was commissioned to turn this occasion into a grandiose public event. The Bossche Markt in the city centre was transformed into Hieronymus Bosch' palette which acted as a stage for contemporary culture in Brabant. The king and queen, surrounded by thousands of people, watched a musical spectacle unfold that was orchestrated by Strijbos & Van Rijswijk. Music, dance, and circus were joyously present on the five stages that embodied the cities of the urban network Brabantstad. Trampoline artists tumbled through the air in front of the statue of Brabant's world-famous painter Hieronymus Bosch. All of this was accompanied by Rob van Rijswijk and Jeroen Strijbos' compositions which played by the Brabant Jazz Orchestra acting as 21st century heralds. The choreography was by Pia Meuthen. The show closed with the Dutch singer/songwriter Guus Meeuwis as everyone joined in with his hit song Brabant.
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18 t/m 21 August 2022

Signal in Kaunas

Signal in Kaunas, Kaunas Lagoon Region Park Lithaunia

Kaunas in Lithaunia is Cultural Capital in 2022. In August we perform our landscape opera Signal the last weekend of 3 weeks ConTempo festival in the city heart, inviting people to go out in the rural countryside and experience this work.

1 t/m 3 July 2022

Rocking Chairs

Rocking Chairs, Abbaye de Neumünster, Luxembourg City Luxembourg

The first weekend of July Neumünster Abbey houses the Rocking Chairs for a young audience at the Big Bang Festival, a festive ode to adventurous music and sound art.

5 t/m 5 June 2022

Signal in Groede

Signal in Groede, Groede, The Netherlands

At the core of this work is the connection between audience, sound and music, and the market square located in the old center of Groede, located in West Zeeland Flanders.

4 t/m 6 June 2022

A Landscape That Is Us

A Landscape That Is Us, Oranjewoud Festival The Netherlands
A Landscape That Is Us

We are very honored to be featured again at this wonderful festival with our new project 'A Landscape that is Us'. A new immersive experience in which we combine several techniques we developed for our deep practice in creative placemaking investigating and experimenting with sound, space and public engagement.

27 t/m 28 May 2022

Signal at Dusk

Signal at Dusk, Great Yarmouth United Kingdom

For the Norfolk and Norwich Festival we have composed a new live performance version of our landscape opera Signal. Beginning at dusk our 4 sopranos lead the audience along the shoreline bidding farewell to the sun on the horizon and signalling the arrival of the night.

20 t/m 29 May 2022


Signal-on-Sea, Great Yarmouth United Kingdom

Great Yarmouth beach will be transformed with sound. S&VR’s bespoke digital technology and twenty long throw speakers create a unique audio experience enabling visitors to the installation to experience the vast seascape afresh and in their own way.