Alpha the new wilderness

Alpha the new wilderness, Theater Tour, The Netherlands
17 t/m 6 December 2014
Music for choreography, with soprano Linde Schinkels.

Five men and a female soprano deliver an explosive mix of dance, acrobatics and classical song. In ALPHA - the new wilderness choreographer Pia Meuthen places the body language of executives under the microscope. Sharply observant but with satirical relief, the show exposes the insatiable hunger for power.

Since the beginning of the financial crisis, it is clear how much influence the behavior of bankers, managers and directors has on our daily lives. In ALPHA - the new wilderness Pia Meuthen examines the conduct within the 'old boys network' and draws sharp parallels with the ape population. She portrays, without moralizing, how thin the layer of civilization can sometimes be. ALPHA - the new wilderness makes a direct link to our current state of affairs.

With her latest performance Panama Pictures hands the dance floor over to the men. Three dancers and two Chinese pole acrobats whirl across the stage, climb, slide and balance on poles and on each other. The boundary between human and animal is blurred. Are we watching a heated discussion between senior managers or a group of quarreling monkeys? And what is actually hiding behind the irresistible desire for power?

Pia Meuthen and her artistic team were inspired by the background of the most recent financial crisis, analysis of the behavior of managerial men and the work of the world famous primatologist Frans de Waal. The composers duo Strijbos & Van Rijswijk wrote a new composition specifically for the performance sung live by soprano Linde Schinkel. Read all about this project
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Signal in Graz

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