A Landscape That Is Us

A Landscape That Is Us, Oranjewoud Festival, The Netherlands


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We were very honoured to be featured again at this wonderful festival with our new project 'A Landscape that is Us'. A new immersive experience in which we combine several techniques we developed for our deep practice in creative placemaking investigating and experimenting with sound, space and public engagement.

Experience Park Landscape Oranjewoud in a completely new way. Especially for the Oranjewoud Festival, sound artists we composed a new work that focuses on the visitor and the environment. With headphones and an iPad you walk through De Overtuin and the Museum Park.

Each visitor hears something different from another. The route to follow is free. The result is that you as a listener and visitor become part of the composition, in which you yourself participate. Indeed: your experience and place in the space are its most important part. Your new view of the (to you perhaps familiar) landscape forms the actual work of art.

Oranjewoud Festival: “For more than 20 years, Strijbos & Van Rijswijk have been playing with the concept of music and sound. All over the world, they create installations and landscape operas that center on the audience and forge a trinity of sound, audience and landscape. Their app Walk With Me is used from Terschelling to Los Angeles, and their landscape opera Signal has been causing a furor at festivals across Europe for several years.”