Panorama Ysselsteyn

Panorama Ysselsteyn, Ysselsteyn, The Netherlands
7 t/m 31 May 2020

landscape opera

Panorama Ysselsteyn


The only German military cemetery in the Netherlands is located in Ysselsteyn, a 15-minute drive from Overloon War Museum. A dazzling number of crosses with white letters, for every one killed. Two special locations that are inextricably linked. We covered the cemetery with sound every day at 11 am, 2 pm and 4 pm. This fascinating sound experience, spread over the field, took visitors out of daily reality at Ysselsteyn. With this, we created a moment in which visitors could commemorate, question, and reinterpret their relationship with history and moreover, think about how to build the future. We extracted the landscape from everyday reality by “covering” it with sound. The meaning of Panorama Ysselsteyn arose from a fascinating sound experience that allowed visitors to experience the military cemetery in a different way. With Panorama Ysselsteyn, we invited the public to enter an experience where there was room for their own interpretation in a collective experience.

On 26, 27, 28 March, 30 April, and 1 and 2 May, opera singers performed a wonderful experience theatre at Panorama Ysselsteyn.

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Credits Panorama Ysselsteyn
Composition and direction: Jeroen Strijbos & Rob van Rijswijk
Sopranos: Bauwien van der Meer, Els Mondelaers, Isabelle Storms and Mijke Sekhuis
Choreography: Rita Hoofwijk
Libretto research: Ilja Hijink
Lighting design: Uri Rapaport and Bart Verzellenberg
Studio recordings of sopranos: Daniëlla Buijck, Kathelijn van Dongen
Beneficiaries: Performing Arts Fund, Province of North Brabant, Municipality of Tilburg, Brabant

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